Shawn- Shawn dies when he sacrifices his life to win the war.

Nolan- Gets assassinated by Mark, Edison's son.

Penny "Peanut"-The Blaze trips her and she burns in fire.

The Blaze- Dies out when Shawn burns his costume to focus on The War.

Zero- Nolan still used to armor till his death.

Garrett- Sacrifices himself to stop a nuclear bomb x3.

Finnley- Attempts to climb a mountain, falls a few feet away from the top.

Derpy Dan- Gets killed by a canadian.

Rex- Holy water poured on him.

Michael- Drowns in a trap of water.

James- Gets shot multiple times by a group of Kanaediyans, a popular Canadian gang.

Sarah- Old age.

Zoey- Gets assassinated by Mark, Edison's son, five years after Nolan.

Edison- Gets assassinated by his wife after a brain malfunction.

Sophie- Old age.

White Pants Man- Stabbed to death in a side video shawn and nolan made.

Mark- Gets treated by a man called "T.G." and realizes what he's done and kills himself in grief.

Ricksaw- Bathes in the Fountain of Eternal Life, and lives underground forever, planning the destruction of the Earth.