Nolan Lee is the co-creator of Drawing Battle. He is awesome, 'nuff said.


Uses a laser gun to fry off a piece of the paper we were working on. That's why there are so many holes in it. Also, can change into his super suit as a codename Zero.


In The Future, Nolan is president of the United States of America. He was a good president and helped plan Operation D.E.S.T.R.U.C.T., although he wanted to try a different way other than killing Shawn. He is assassinated in this Afterstory by Mark Salazar.

Other InfoEdit

Nolan's catchphrase is "I win!" cause he always does, since Shawn sometimes dies. But Shawn just angrily says, "NO!!!" and puts himself back on the paper to kill him. However, usually the Nolan he kills is a clone, and the real Nolan kills Shawn, then wins. :D

Also, Nolan has a pretty good sense of humor, which Shawn finds hilarious. out of all the people in drawing battle shawn's is the best! (Shawn typed, cackling evilly.) Nolan and Shawn also do not attend the same school anymore.


Shawn: Good friends, they usually hang out, they have had fights, but they still manage. They created the series Drawing Battle.

Garrett: Very good friends, since they've been friends since kindergarten.

Michael: Great friends, since Michael is very communicative and is easy to study with (most of the time).

Zoey: Apparently Nolan's future bride.... yeah... um... *cough*... this is awkward.

Edison: Scares Nolan.

Derpy Dan: Used to be Nolan in disguise but he became his own character over time.

Peanut: Used to work together but didn't interact much. Were pretty good friends, and she didn't really have anything against him even when she began evil.

Finnley: Good friends, played MC a lot together.



-Yeah okay, I'm getting out of here.


-Chicken is always the answer~

-Well its not like you could see my eyes in the first place (thanks Shawn)

-Always unexpect the expected.

Chicken is Always the AnswerEdit

Nolan created this random thing where Chicken is ALWAYS the Answer. Really, it is.

Random FactsEdit

-He is Korean.

-He is older than Shawn, but a lot shorter. :\

-He is an A student at school. :D

-He is currently playing table tennis at his home and is progressively getting better at it.

-He is good at tennis.

-He has two dogs, Chloe and Teddy.

-He is lucky enough to travel around the world during summer. For example, this summer he went to Thailand. He also went to places such as Costa Rica, South Korea, Aruba, Bora Bora, and others!

Other UniversesEdit

South Park- Nolan perfers to hang out with kyle and stan. (even though he never watched it)

Simpsons- Nolan likes Milhouse (even though he never watched it)

Anime- Every thing the same except better drawing (and happy face button, dang I wish I had that)

Simpsons Nolan