Angry Peanut

Peanut Sex: female Alteregoes: none Age: Deceased

Peanut is a half-demon like Shawn and was in the original gang until she was killed fighting The Blaze. She lives forever as an undead zombie (Zonny "Zomnut" Neverglades).


All Peanut can really do is summon fire... but that's pretty cool.


Peanut was at first thought to be Jesus for the first three seasons until she took he mask off. Her and Shawn had like fifty billion babies until Shawn was knocked out and forgot who she was. Peanut seeked revenge on him for the rest of her life and almost succeeded in eneding his life once, but was hit in the head with a hammer thrown by Edisonman. Soon with this distraction, Shawn as The Blaze tripped her and burnt her body to death.


Shawn- In the beginning, Shawn and Peanut were married and had (many) several children together, until getting knocked out and totally forgetting who she was, causing Peanut to seek revenge on him.

Nolan- Nolan and Peanut were partners in the beginning, making a close bond between the two.

Derpy Dan- Peanut and Derpy Dan became friends after they both died, and tend to hang out in hell together