Shawn has a vast range of weapons and outfits.

Normal day shawnEdit

Shawn wears a white and blue striped oldnavy jacket. Out side of school he usually has his knife on handy ready for a fight, and is mostly seen wearing a angels cap or a wool fuzzy cap. Shawn also wears black shorts, and a black and gray striped t-shirt.

Perm Shawn!Edit

Permshawn has a yellow turtle neck, green pants, and has a perms, a goatee, a Flanders mustache. He also a a comb and a perm blaster

The BlazeEdit

The blaze has a black hoodie with armour underneath, he has two pistols, a hidden blade, and a long sword created in the fires of hell. He also has duel hatchets, and poison darts. He latley also got one of Nolans laser guns, but rarely uses it. 

Shawn in PajamasEdit

Shawn has a skull t-shirt, and white boxers with hearts on them. He sleeps with a machete close to him in case canadian spies found him.