Shawn saw nolan was talking about all his time in thailand, so he decided he was going to make articles about things he did during the summer too.

Well let me think.. i went to a beach party the other day, which i guess was fun. i saw bikini's, and we had chicken fights *rawr* and those were fun. But that might be the last day i see Zyanya too, which put me in a bad mood. But i did have a fun day with her and my other friends that were there. They also asked me questions i didnt like, and chose not too answer. Shawn might leave msa so he will be leaving many friends. (but one thing don't tell Nolan, but i mgith go to ccms!) Oh eah i also forgot to mention i got a new summer wardrobe! XP.

Shawn's new wardrobe 1
Shawn's new wardrobe 2
Shawn's new wardrobe 3
Shawn's new wardrobe 4