in real life when the battle between garrett and shawn broke out. Shawn won instantly with a slug in the neck, and then shawn started freaking out because he hates making kids cry so he was running around freaking out

Edit by Nolan:

That's ALMOST the true story.. what really happened was Shawn wanted to hit Garrett really bad. Garrett said sure, and Shawn got all prepared and stuff while Garrett just stood there. Shawn suddenly lashed out, aiming for Garrett's shoulder, but failed miserably and hit the side of the neck between the middle of the neck and the jaw, the sensitive part. Garrett looked stunned for a split second, then started to cry. If a teacher was around I'm sure Shawn would've gotten expelled or suspended or something... but luckily no one was around but our usually group. Shawn really panicked because he wasn't that much of a jerk to laugh at Garrett. So Shawn hussled Garrett to the office, and later Garrett had an ice pack on his neck. Garrett didn't hold a grudge on Shawn, but Shawn got his backfire when girls started getting mad at him for hitting Garrett and making him cry. But Shawn is better now so he wouldn't ever think to *WHACK!*... hit... *SLUG!*.... Garrett.... *crying*.... again... *laugh*....... ._.'

(of course that last part was fake. But Shawn is better now! :D)