hi thanks for all the memories, your s grest boy, never chsnge snf hsvr s grest summer!

-Dapheny.. <3

Well Daphney, i will give you memories anytime! your a great girl!


-Angel your friend

Where is your note! answer me fool!

Shawn you were a awesome friend. It was nice to meet you. - Darin

yes Darin you were a good friend too.... just next year try not to sexually harass me.

Nell- Have a great summer hope i c u next year.

i hope i don't see you!

hey Shawn! Thanks for being an awesome friend! when Ari and Yannell get married we'll be in the front row laughing! p.s thanks for yelling @ me over an eraser. -Abeni

Any time.. im good at yelling

Goodbye- Adalin


Noodle arms!


Thank you i guess....

have a great summer! -garrett

Shut up!


have a very Sexy summer,

hope to see you next year

love Alondra

p.s i don't know if you give a sh*t about this but here ***-***-****


Hii Shawn!!

Well im going to miss you lots! you better do good in 8th grade! well love you!!

-Jessica R. <3

Love you too Jessica! you better do good in high school! I will miss you! you were cool! 

hey Shawn Good luck and H.A.G.S

-Zyanya (Your sis)

WHAT DOES GOOD LUCK MEAN!?!?!?!?! *At that moment zyanya robots storm into shawns room and drags him away*

hey Shawn, goodbye - Finn O.

Good riddens!!!

Alex Broner Used CUTENESS super effective!

Shawn used not gay! Attack deflected!

Meow see - Ari alva


Have a great summer! hope 2 c u next year! - Evelyn Sarabia

yeah whatevs...... 

Hi- Eli

hags i hope i see you next year! luv you as a best friend! (= -Mosquito/Mukaddes


hay hags - brianna

Best signature ever

I hope you have a great Summer! have fun and happy early B-day -Michael Muzumder

Yeah.... you too bro!

really long message from friend jadore

You know i would put it but im feeling lazy.. add it yourself!

You are a cool friend and really funny. Don't ever come to my house though. Jk -Edison

i don't wanna go to your house!!!

Your funny and really nice! never change <3 love ya -yanara

yes i love you too, even though we hardly even talked the whole time i knew you..

hags August

really man? thats worse than Brianna's!

(Message from efi)

No man... just don't...

Shawn!!! Hey :D It's fun to have you around..... have fun over the summer and next school year! stay awesome

<3 Ella

Whats with all the pauses? and yeah.. even though you ignored me for like three months because of some lie someone told you, i still care about you! Your awesome too!!!

As you can see i got aton of weird yearbook sginatures... but yeah.... i guees it cool! You guys are all awesome!