Michael Mazumder, a very brainy student at the school of MSA6, dashed towards the school, panting.

"I'm late! I'm late!!" he shouted as he rushed through the grass. Michael was never late for class, so he was frantic.

Oh no, I'm already 15 minutes late! What have I missed in class? What if I can't do the warm-up?! I'll miss classwork! Michael screamed in his head. He was a few feet from the door to the school. Suddenly, Michael's foot slipped and he fell. Michael gave a yelp as he plummeted, and closed his eyes. Suddenly, he felt very light and was floating.

Am I dead? he whispered in his mind. He slowly opened his eyes, and found he wasn't dead, and his feet were on fire!!

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Michael shouted as he wiggled his feet to extinguish the flames. However, that made him go haywire as he flew in circles in the air. "WoooaaAaaAaaoooOOoohhH!

Michael tried to calm down, and soon he found he could extinguish the fire with ease, and command the fire to move him as he wished. This was Michael's dream! He forgot all about school as he whizzed through the air, whooping in delight. He stopped in the middle of the street and saw a reflection of himself through a store mirror, and gasped. His hair was on fire, and his pupils were burning with fire, just like Ares in Percy Jackson! Michael frantically tried to pat his hair with his hands, but found out that his hands burst into flames also!

"AGH!" he barked.

~(One year later)~

Michael put on his signature black glasses, so his eyes wouldn't scare people again. He was on the newspaper after he saved someone from a fire by commanding the fire to move away from them. Michael smiled to himself. He was a hero! He flew high into the sky with jet-like speed, then dashed away into the clouds.