Not much is known about Nolan's Zero-Armor Arsenal. All we know is that Zero V.3 can destroy Canada in one move, but don't tell Shawn.

Zero V.1Edit

Laser beam hand that can tear paper. The jetpack can run endlessly on solar power on a sunny day at a maximum height of 20 ft.

Zero V.2Edit

Double laser beam hand, the right hand is a super laser. The visor shoots a small projectile that hurts the enemies vision and hearing. Jetpack can run for 5 days straight on two cups of water and has a maximum height of 80 ft.

Zero V2

Zero V.3Edit

Left hand is mega laser, right hand is super-ultra-maximum-heat-and-cold-seeking-mis-sigh-ul-freezing-burning-exploding-colliding-super-laser. The visor creates a solid laser shield that can deflect bullets, rockets, grenades, explosions, plasma, chemical reactions, and others. It also dispenses ultra-mini-nuke, which has the strength of 20 grenades. The jetpack runs forever by a mysterious reaction in the pack. It can travel to the moon. The jetpack can dispatch itself to become a nuke. If that happens, the suit can get away by a transforming mini jetpack, with just enough energy to get to a safe distance and land.
Zero v3

Zero V.4Edit

Nothing is really known about this suit... but it may have moon-destroying capabilities...